Do I want an empty inbox?

I used to interpret “inbox zero” to mean zero unread messages, which I’ve never had a problem maintaining. But is having a completely empty inbox really desirable and/or worth striving for? Is the effort required to explicitly move every message into an archive of sorts actually worth the supposed lack of clutter or “mental debt”?

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    gbattle sez: I don’t strive for “inbox zero.” It is a ruse. It is a vanity metric with a false sense of accomplishment....
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  3. jeremyjohnstone said: I keep it as “zero unread messages” and find that is all that I need to avoid mental clutter. I think it works for me as I mark a message as “unread” when I need to revisit it later usually.
  4. jaisons said: Foolish notion to me — I have an inbox to keep important and pertinent emails on hand. Not archived which requires another step to retrieve them.
  5. kevinnuut said: This sort of goes in hand with your hierarchy post on Dropbox. With email clients like GMail, everything is just a tag. You should never delete an email in case you ever need to search it so then you are just living in a world of “archive all”.
  6. joeydong said: I archive any email that I don’t have to take action for transforming the messages that stay in my inbox into a todo list.
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    I think most people use their inbox as a to do list. If you think that way, you either have to mark something as unread...
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